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We are here in London for you, our associates are located all over Turkey.

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Are you not satisfied with the operation you had in Turkey? Do you think you are a victim of medical tourism? Get in touch with us and we will evaluate your operation notes and details for free and inform you whether you are eligible for compensation.

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If you have a strong case, we set up an appointment and answer all your questions. Upon your instruction, we assign one of our senior medical negligence lawyers in Turkey to your case and initiate the litigation proceedings in Turkey.

We keep you informed of any developments regarding your case.

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Our senior lawyers have been dealing with medical negligence cases since 2007.


Our success rate is 85%, as we do not accept unwinnable cases.


Our main principle is attorney-client privilege.


Our lawyers approach the case of each of our clients as if it were their own case and show great importance.


We are responding all the enquiries within two working days, your questions are matter to us.

Frequently asked questions

As a foreign citizen, can I take legal action due to the surgeries I had in Turkey?

The answer is yes, regardless of which country you are a citizen of or where you live, if you have had an operation in Turkey, you can be eligible to get remedy by filing a lawsuit in Turkish courts.

Do I need to go to Turkey to attend each hearing?

No, you don't. If you appoint us as your attorneys with a document called a Power of Attorney, we will be handling the necessary procedures on your behalf as your representatives.

What is the legal basis of Medical Negligence Cases?

Doctors, health workers and health institutions can be obliged to compensate the damages caused by negligence, faults or defects in the performance of their duties due to the damages they cause to their patients and due to the failure of the promised results in cosmetic operations in accordance with the Turkish Code of Obligations.

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